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COTTON: Is a natural fiber rope. It comes either as 100% cotton or as a cotton blend (a blend of cotton and polyester). The twisted cotton ropes come natural, and the braided cotton ropes come polished or non-polished. Cotton rope is used in store displays, for clotheslines, theater work and in industrial applications.
MANILA: Is a natural fiber rope sometimes called hemp rope. It is a hard fiber rope. It is especially resistant to sunlight and will not melt on contact with heat, but will burn. Manila rope is used for dock decoration, theater work and in industrial applications.
SISAL: Is a natural fiber rope that comes from the Agave and Sisalana plants. Sisal has many of the characteristics of manila, but offers only 80% of its strength. Sisal it a bit more coarse and does not have an oil on it like manila usually does.
NOTE: All natural-fiber ropes are biodegradable and are therefore susceptible to rot and mildew over time.

Custom sizes of Natura-Fiber Ropes are available